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Brand Identity


Teach First

Teach First is a Charity who’s mission is to address educational disadvantage by transforming exceptional graduates into effective, inspirational teachers and leaders in all fields. We were asked to design infographics outlining the key aspects of ‘educational disadvantage’ and it’s impact in the UK. These graphics were subsequently made into the following animation, by Bold [...]


Customatix was an innovative website where users could design their own trainers. The idea was that the user was given the choice of styles, colours, logos and graphics. We were asked to design all of the graphics. This was great as we got choose the themes from scratch, so virtually anything was possible. Part of [...]


Watkins Books

Watkins Books is a very well established shop in the centre of London, specialising in books of an esoteric nature. Although most may believe interest in the esoteric is a more recent phenomena, in actual fact Watkins has been supplying books on these more unusual subjects since 1894! It was this aspect of history and [...]


K Character

This was a fun project for a company providing Personal Trainers. The client requested as a part of the branding, that we illustrate a character which embodied the letter K.


Zwemmer Book Shop

Zwemmer had two shops at the National Museum for Film, Photography and Television. These are designs for the main shop. We had previously re-designed the Zwemmer brand when working on their shops in London. Now we were given the opportunity to take the brand on another step and incorporate the themes and concepts behind the [...]


PES5 Logo

Possibly, amongst a certain type of person, the most famous brand we’ve had a hand in. The logo for Pro Evolution Soccer 5. Although we presented concepts for the entire packaging, not too dissimilar to the final version, we can only claim bragging rights over the logo.